Our Clients

Our complete list of clients is confidential, but we can discretely provide some examples of long-term clients or missions

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We have worked or are now working on assignments in sectors such as: Electrical Energy, Gas, Oil, Bunkering, Energy infrastructures, Public and Private Sector Partnerships in infrastructures long term financing, Water and Waste management, Public Services and Concessions bids, Real Estate investments, Retail and Fashion Investments supervision, Construction tenders in the Gulf Region, Seed and Start-up Capital deals, Defense Industry and Civil Engineering or Shipping, among others.

We have helped important Hedge Funds investing on event-driven positions on publicly traded Spanish and French multinationals. They wanted to better understand the real situation and all elements that could have an impact, far beyond the reach of their bank analysts and industry experts within those banks or investment firms. Also, we advised private investors or private equity funds, to fully and deeply understand a targeted acquisition, through our independent and confidential reporting.

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It has often occurred that, thanks to our services, an investment decision strongly promoted by traditional advisors (such as renowned M&A Banks and top law firms) was not finally taken. In some cases we found out more pertinent information and knew more about the ins and outs of the deal and the market so as to be able to advise our client for or against it. Our knowledge and in-depth study of the situation at hand helped us know how to promote and protect our clients’ needs better than anyone else. Our actions are impartial, as we have no vested interest in the deal going through or not.